What you need

What you need, is her
Strong and stable leadership-
willing to make the difficult decisions
Just read MY manifesto,

I have been very clear
I am the only safe pair of hands
For this country to trust
I’ll do what I must.

Dementia tax! Don’t be daft!
Social care you might need
We can level the cost-
against your disposable home.

It’s clear – in our manifesto
Strong and stable leadership
Only I can provide, not Labour
They are not strong – like me.

Heating allowance for the old
Take it away, see that shows
I don’t care about the pensioners vote
If you vote for me; I’ll have your free travel pass next.

Err, well I didn’t actually mean
Your home will count as assets
Of course we will cap care costs
To affordable amounts.

Let me be clear, this is not a U-Turn
I don’t care what’s in our manifesto
Listen this is merely an adjustment
I have made following advice.

I always listen to “The Great Unwashed”
That shows how strong and stable, I am
I’ve only U-Turned on a couple of –
Issues I’ve previously pontificated on!

I take no notice of “Opinion Polls”
It’s all “fake news” you know
Strong and stable leadership
Is clearly what you need.


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