Old and in love

I’m so old, so very old,
I’ve forgotten that I’m a man
I’ve forgotten that I’m alive
I’ve forgotten that once I had
Simple, simple pleasures. Long ago.

I’m so old, so very old
I’ve forgotten how to eat
I’ve forgotten how to taste
I’ve forgotten how to smell
Simple, simple pleasures. All gone.

I’m so old, so very old
I’ve forgotten how to smile
I’ve forgotten how to laugh
I’ve forgotten how to talk
Simple, simple pleasures. Shrivelled away.

I’m so old, so very old
But when you come I
Remember how precious life is, I’m
Still manly. Still living. Still hoping
Simple, simple pleasures. Once more.


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3 Responses to Old and in love

  1. molly says:

    Thank you again for sharing these thoughts on growing older in relation to everyday feelings everyone can relate to

    • odeboyz says:

      I think that the Hawkings film demonstrated that life is for living even in the most trying situation. Getting old, being disabled can be borne but only if there is love to carry you through and I was saying, as you noticed, that everyone has ‘feelings’. Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. Peter Baxendale says:

    Very poignant and moving,Chris.Is this Renaissance Man we see emerging?

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