A bachelor all his life
Worked for the Councils’ parks department
Just didn’t seem to find a wife
But, felt himself trapped in the grounds compartment.

Found more interesting work
As a lorry driver, he travelled the road
Rejected ideas of becoming a clerk
Gentle patience, in traffic jams, he showed.

The years slipped by, as they often do
His Mum became ill
So he found the unemployment queue
A fulltime carer’s life he’d fill.

When Mum passed on, after difficult years
His old employer had gone bust
Colin, just existed beyond a year of tears
Decided to find a new life to dust.

At first he found it hard to exist
On a busy social Council housing estate
Social activities, he was soon amidst
He was soon accepted, through that gate.

At sixty eight Colin, didn’t feel well
His doctor recommended tests
The hospital count didn’t like his blood cell
Traced the problems to his chest.

Plans were laid, appointments made
The operation  date was set
Who knows if Colin ever prayed
I don’t believe Colin ever had regret.

Trauma followed, unusual events
Electronic machines beeped, urgent lights flashed on
Both surgeon and anaesthetist, responded to the machines contents
But that weekend was to be Colin’s swansong.

We will miss Colin, on this estate
He was a really nice guy
But who knows what awaits our fate
Or, the day on which we each must die.

Bye Colin – good luck mate.


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1 Response to Colin

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Very moving-rest in peace,Colin

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