Making and Living

This hotel is not for me
I’m dining out but I’m lonely
There isn’t much in Newbury
Come here yourself and then you’ll see.

Actually don’t. Just take it from me

I met a girl who dreams a lot
Seems unhappy with the lot she’s got
She said she’d move but somehow she’s not
Stuck here like a fallow crop

Unable to avoid the rot

I found a place where people sing
To forget their past of bullying
Losers using music to win
I’m out of place by fitting in.

I’ll drink a bit and then join in

I’m living for the weekend always
Life, sex, chess and plays
In love but each in our own ways
A blend of fun and lazy Sundays

Dreading waking up on Mondays.


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1 Response to Making and Living

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Very thoughtful-a rising star

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