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Back to work blues

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Greek Joke: 2015

Question: What does a Greek civil servant say when he gets his salary? Answer: Danke schön

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Home Education anyone?

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The lowest form of wit?

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A cunning professor

At Sydney University, there were four students studying Organic Chemistry. They were excellent students achieving “A’s”. They were so confident they decided to go to Canberra and party with some friends the weekend before their finals. However, they slept through … Continue reading

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A slightly different Peppa Pig storyline

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Too much expertise to be comfortable

A wine merchants chief wine taster died and they advertised for a replacement. A drunk applied for the job. The HR director gave him the standard tasting test beginning with a glass of wine. The drunk sniffed it, rolled it … Continue reading

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Dying like Jesus

As a preacher lay dying he thought he’d like to die like Jesus. He sent for his accountant and lawyer. When they came he held out his hands and motioned them to sit on either side of his bed. The … Continue reading

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It’s the obvious question

Honey: I’ve just had an accident and Tina took me to the hospital. The x-rays show the head injury might be serious and I’ve also got cracked ribs and a broken arm. Wife: Who’s Tina?

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Lockdown! Bring it on

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