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Passions stirred violently in Acacia Avenue Years of easy unthinking living disappeared in a moment Careful budgeting, penny pinching, and rising house prices Meant security, a comfort blanket, unchallenged living Nice living. Then passions came into their lives. They didn’t … Continue reading

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Raise The Flag

My words to a familiar tune. Lets raise our banner way up high, the working man will never die As labour is a might of force, we are the hope, the fighting cause. Then raise again – our standard true, … Continue reading

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Political Ineptitude

Stand on your soapbox stool Spout hypocrisy in, “The House of Humbug” Spin your words of drivel May 7th, your time is now so short. No more junkets abroad After the axe, you’ll be unemployed! Are you skilled in anything … Continue reading

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I fancy I’ve seen Liars, charlatans and worse But a certain politician feted as ending the troubles… Now appears to have appeased some. Loyalist, republicans swathed in blood Atrocities, neither bigots won But a certain politician Claimed progress in 2007 … Continue reading

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Legalise Drugs Now!

The Suicide Act, 1961, finally noticed the insanity of legislation that criminalised suicide. Prior to decriminalisation, people attempting suicide and failing were prosecuted. Ignoring panics associated with religion politicians began the greatest reforming era in British political life. Since then successive … Continue reading

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Good Friends

A number of years ago, my destiny – and as it happened later my wife’s life was channelled into serving our community as local Councillors.  Politics is never boring as many MPs  will attest, but local politics at Borough level  … Continue reading

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What Goes Around

I walked alone through the quietening snow, Ever deeper now that youthful glow Of memory and childhood excitement. Life’s leveler, Stirring deep drifts of anticipation. A panacea For the grimy times, created by winter’s woe Of mudded track and stormy … Continue reading

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