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A couple of drinks at the Ritz

Gordon and his wife went to the Ritz where they had a whiskey and a gin and tonic. After sitting for a while enjoying the ambience they decided to leave. Gordon called over the waiter to settle his bill. He … Continue reading

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Wine and social class

Richard M.

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Russell Howard on gay marriage

“You hear all these dickheads, ‘Gay marriage is not natural!’ Neither’s marriage! Humans are the only ones that have weddings. I’ve never seen a duck dressed as a vicar.” Chris

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A Disappointed Conservative

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Book Review: Timur Vermes ~ The Hungry and the Fat (translated Jamie Bulloch) (2020)

It was a privilege to read this book. Timur is a German author who’s satirised Germany, Europe and the fundamentals of the immigration challenge. The great immigration of 2015 led to huge social and political dislocations in Germany. Timur’s book … Continue reading

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The price of dedication

A council debate was becoming heated. As tempers became frayed Joe sneered: “Have you heard of Bob Froyd?” “No.” “Well,” Joe said triumphantly, “if you attended more council meetings, you’d know that he’s the man who’s opening a strip club … Continue reading

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Stalin visits a Siberian town

Stalin visited a small town in Siberia. Huge crowds were there to receive him, holding placards of praise for him, the Party and the Soviet Union. In the crowd the KGB spotted a very old man holding a sign saying: … Continue reading

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South African Humour

Graham B.

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It pays to be a slip fielder

Joe was dining in a fancy restaurant and was secretly admiring the woman at the next table. But he was nervous. Suddenly, she violently sneezed and her glass eye came flying out. He caught it adroitly and handed it back … Continue reading

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Doctors: What do they know?

Just after Christmas 2019, I wasn’t at all well. No energy, headache, fever with terrible back pains in my lower back. Jan, my wife, dialled 999 and in what felt like a few minutes, two young paramedics were in my … Continue reading

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