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A cunning sales manager

My sales manager pulled up in a new Tesla Model S and I complimented him on it.  He said, “Well, if you set goals, you’re determined, and you work really hard and put in long hours, I can trade up … Continue reading

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A Labrador applies for a job at the FBI

A Labrador responded to an FBI advert. “Well,” said the personnel director, “you’ll have to meet some strict requirements. First, you must type at least 60 words per minute.” “No problem.” “Also, you must pass a physical and complete the … Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock phones Georges Simenon*

John Lanchester’s observation about Simenon’s amazing work rate reminds me of Deirdre Bair’s story of Hitchcock telephoning Simenon at his home in Switzerland, only to be told by his secretary that the writer couldn’t be disturbed because he had just … Continue reading

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The man with spare false teeth

A dinner speaker was in such a hurry to get to his speaking engagement he realized that he’d forgotten his false teeth. In a panic he said to the man next to him, “I forgot my teeth.” Amazingly his fellow … Continue reading

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Solving a Marital Problem

A woman went into a pharmacy and looking straight into the pharmacist’s eyes said, “I’d like to buy some cyanide.” “Why do you need cyanide?” “I going to poison my husband.” The pharmacist exclaimed, “I can’t sell you cyanide to commit … Continue reading

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Book Review: E M Delafield ~ The Diary of a Provincial Lady (1930)

Through the magic of Amazon’s pricing policy this costs 99p on Kindle. On the other hand if you wish to buy all five of the ‘Provincial Lady’ series you pay only 49p! Obviously it’s your decision but I risked 49p … Continue reading

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Lock Down Blues

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Putin’s favourite Stalin joke

As Stalin walked down the ranks of the troops he heard a thunderous sneeze. Fearing an assassination attempt he roared, “Who sneezed?” There was no answer and the troops froze in terror. He turned to the KGB colonel and said, … Continue reading

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An Irish Court

Eight hours into his trial Paddy changed his plea to guilty. The very irritated judge said, “Why didn’t you plead guilty immediately and save the court’s time?” “Well. Until I’d heard the evidence I thought I was innocent.”

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Successfully looking for a divorce

A policeman stopped a man who was driving a Mercedes 20 mph over the 55mph speed limit. He said, “I’m stopping you for speeding.” The driver replied, “It was only a little over 55.” His wife said, “Oh Stuart! You … Continue reading

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