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The very wicked Bill Hicks

The worst kind of non-smokers are the ones that come up to you and cough. That’s pretty fucking cruel isn’t it? Do you go up to cripples and dance too? I love the Pope, I love seeing him in his … Continue reading

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A Lawyer joke

Jim was vacationing on the French Riviera when he met Sarah, a lawyer friend. He asked how she’d paid for the holiday. She replied, “Remember that terrible house I bought? Well, it caught fire and I used the insurance money.” She … Continue reading

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Sunday Lunch

Ben disliked his brothers’ wife but occasionally he would go for Sunday lunch. He always brought two decent bottles of wine which smoothed things over. One Sunday he saw his niece, Sarah, staring at him every time he drank his … Continue reading

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Slacker philosophy!

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Protect the NHS

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A scene from ‘The Likely Lads’

Bob: When it comes to women you’re hardly Omar Sharif. Terry: If Omar Sharif lived in Gateshead I doubt he’d be Omar Sharif. A TV show set in north-east Britain of two working-class men

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Why diets fail……

I say: “I’m going on a diet.” And my stomach laughs

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Two of Putin’s judges nearly share a joke

Two judges meet outside a courtroom. One’s laughing out loud.‘Why are you laughing?’‘I just heard the funniest joke ever!’‘Tell me!’‘I can’t. I just sentenced a man to ten years for telling it.’

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Feelings! The triumph of ignorance

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An Albert Einstein quip

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

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