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Book Review: Christopher Brookmyre ~ All fun and games until someone loses an eye (2005)

Around about 8 pm on a Saturday night I was bored and irritable so I bought this on Amazon.1 Why this one? Well it had a quirky title and I like quirky books. I didn’t feel I was making a … Continue reading

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Slacker philosophy!

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Feelings! The triumph of ignorance

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Conservative beliefs rebutted

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Ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer

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Faith based science?

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TV Review: Frasier ~ TV series (Channel4 catch-up) (Kelsey Grammer) (1993-2004)

Being bored I punted round the various catch-up sites, Netflix and so on and came across Frasier, which I’d watched nearly 30 years ago. I wondered, whether it would it be like visiting an elderly relative who’d declined into despair … Continue reading

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Performance Indicators

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Chicken and Egg

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Book Review: P J O’Rourke ~ Holidays in Hell (1988)

Satire notoriously ages badly. So much of it depends on the readers knowledge of the setting and personality of what is being satirised. Once the moment is gone so has the point of the humour. Consider the cartoon below. It … Continue reading

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