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Slacker philosophy!

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Protect the NHS

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A scene from ‘The Likely Lads’

Bob: When it comes to women you’re hardly Omar Sharif. Terry: If Omar Sharif lived in Gateshead I doubt he’d be Omar Sharif. A TV show set in north-east Britain of two working-class men

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Why diets fail……

I say: “I’m going on a diet.” And my stomach laughs

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Two of Putin’s judges nearly share a joke

Two judges meet outside a courtroom. One’s laughing out loud.‘Why are you laughing?’‘I just heard the funniest joke ever!’‘Tell me!’‘I can’t. I just sentenced a man to ten years for telling it.’

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Feelings! The triumph of ignorance

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An Albert Einstein quip

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

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Poverty September 2022

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17th century snowflakes were protected

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Living in China

Me:  I asked my Chinese friend what it’s like living in China Him: I can’t complain

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