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American children on a subsistence farm, 1919

When not in school the Borlaug children did chores, rising before dawn and working until after sunset. Boys hoed weeds, dug potatoes, milked cows, stacked hay, hauled wood and water, fed chicken, cattle, and horses. Girls tended the vegetable garden, … Continue reading

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My Multi-talented Father

Dad hated school and left aged 14 and was immediately employed in a local garage in 1924. He acquired a working knowledge of cars. Our second car was a DAB 36. When it broke down he stripped out the starter … Continue reading

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Washing on the Front Room Table

Just before bedtime, We boys had to be washed The bowl of hot water, soap, flannel and towel On the table, waiting for each boy Dad would select one of us Never the same one twice, in line A soaped … Continue reading

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