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Film Review: Lean on Pete – Charlie Plummer and Steve Buscemi

Lean on Pete is a charming film about a fifteen year old boy who’s living a ‘trailer trash’ life. His father is a feckless, irresponsible man who’s fallen out with Charlie’s (Yes! Charlie Plummer and the principal character are both … Continue reading

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How to avoid a speeding ticket in Canada

A driver was pulled over for speeding and was approached by the officer, who said, “Can I see your license please?” The driver replied that he didn’t have one because he’d been convicted of drinking driving. The policeman was completely … Continue reading

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Home contents insurance

In the late 1990s, an elderly tenant living on the estate rang me to asked me to come and see her as she had a problem. I was at her door within ten minutes. I had known Pat for a … Continue reading

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A quip from ‘Friends’

Chandler Muriel Bing: I’m not so good with advice… Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Chris

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Book Review: Keigo Higashino – The Devotion of Suspect X (translated by Alexander O Smith)

Those of us who read a lot of Anglo-American thrillers are used to a particular narrative arc. There’s usually a sadistic murder say of a woman/women, a maverick Detective Inspector accompanied by a hero-worshipping sergeant, who solve the crime. Often … Continue reading

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Two Horses

Both immensely strong, but gentle in nature Softly nodding greetings, ready for the day Not yet fully dawn light spreads from the East The ‘tack room’ holding leather smells Chains, stout collars braids and brasses Long girth belts, bridle bits … Continue reading

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Authors are born not made

A little girl was staying with her grandparents, who worshipped the ground she walked on. Her grand-dad was surprised to see her pounding away on the laptop with intense concentration. “What are you doing, my little treasure?” “Writing a novel.” … Continue reading

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The importance of the Winter War: Finland’s resistance to the Soviet Union, November 1939- March 1940

  The Soviet Union’s victory over Finland, March 1940, followed a very competitive war, which was unexpected. This, military observers believed, resulted from Stalin’s purge of the Red Army, 1937-8, which had badly weakened the military capacity of the Soviet … Continue reading

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A Hedy Lamarre quip

Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid. Chris

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Book Review: Andre Aciman – Call me by your name

Aciman’s wonderfully sensitive book about a teenager’s rite-of-passage proved eminently translatable to the big screen. It was a wonderful film but the book is possibly(?) better. Aciman sets his novel in an erudite hot-house intellectual atmosphere. Elio, the son of … Continue reading

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