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Two Texans go to Canada for a winter break

On their first day they decided to go ice fishing. To spice it up the Texans decided to show the Canadians how great America was. The Texans challenged them to an ice fishing competition. Obviously the Canadians accepted. The team … Continue reading

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Canada: a very civilised country

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A tourist gets advice from a Canadian Ranger

Ranger: When you walk on this path you should periodically ring a bell. This will warn the bears that you’re in the vicinity and they wont attack. Tourist: How will we know that there are bears in the vicinity? Ranger: … Continue reading

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How to avoid a speeding ticket in Canada

A driver was pulled over for speeding and was approached by the officer, who said, “Can I see your license please?” The driver replied that he didn’t have one because he’d been convicted of drinking driving. The policeman was completely … Continue reading

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