How to avoid a speeding ticket in Canada

A driver was pulled over for speeding and was approached by the officer, who said, “Can I see your license please?”

The driver replied that he didn’t have one because he’d been convicted of drinking driving. The policeman was completely shocked at his blasé attitude. It got worse when he asked for the vehicle registration papers. The driver replied that he didn’t have them because he’d stolen the car.

The officer backed away convinced that he was confronting a mentally ill person who was capable of anything. He called for assistance and very quickly five police cars were in attendance. The policemen were all wary of the driver and formed a semi-circle round the vehicle with their hands on their guns.

The senior officer said, “Sir, could you just step out of the vehicle?” He then repeated all the questions that had been previously asked but this time the driver produced his drivers license and vehicle registration papers. The senior officer was completely bemused and said that the traffic policeman had told him that he didn’t have either document and furthermore had stolen the vehicle.

The driver replied, “I bet the lying bastard also told you I’d been speeding.”


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