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The top 0.01% in the USA

The top 0.01% of American workers—now some 15000—this year have incomes, including capital gains, of about 500 times the average. Typical incomes in America today, including capital gains and benefits, are perhaps 300 [dollars] a working day. The gulf between … Continue reading


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(I can’t get no ) Satisfaction

I’m just a heap of years A mountain of wearisome time; My wealth is piling high, ever increasing; Too much to spend, too much to give away Wealth growing year by year, drawling sarcastically “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” A heap … Continue reading

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How economists use the word ‘only’

“The poorest half of the population still owns nothing… the wealthiest 10% now own only two thirds of what there is to own rather than nine- tenths.” Thomas Piketty Capitalism in the Twenty- First Century

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