Democracy: The London Borough of Havering (2)

Democracy: The London Borough of Havering (2)

(Chris and Del)

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7 Responses to Democracy: The London Borough of Havering (2)

  1. odeboyz says:

    I said that Havering’s an Essex borough politically. I think that I have pretty well established a defendable debating point and indeed we have debated it. UKIP came second in the General Election and no where in the rest of London. Thank you for this but I sense that we are in an intellectual cul de sac here.

  2. odeboyz says:

    The UKIP vote was so out of kilter to ‘London’ that it must count as evidence that Havering’s psychology is Essex. Even Andrew ‘I’m more UKIP than UKIP’ Rosindell seems to deny he’s a Londoner. And polls tell us more about who was polled than any ‘truth’. As the Labour Party found out recently. Thank you for this debate.

    • Geography Police says:

      True, polls don’t tell us everything, but since not everybody votes, neither do elections.
      Andrew Rosindell can call himself a Martian if he wants to, but since he was born in Romford in 1966 he’s a Londoner & not an Essexian.
      The fake Essex identity that some Londoners cling to is just that, fake. If you go to the real Essex, the area run by Essex County Council, it’s completely different from the densely urban London Boroughs.
      The arguement was over in 1965, London is London, & Essex is Essex.

  3. Geography Police says:

    Havering is a London Borough, it’s in the name.
    Unlike in Essex, streetlights stay on all night in Havering.
    How an area votes is one thing, its physical make-up is another. Havering is as London as any other London Borough, & completely different & seperate from the rural county of Essex.

    • odeboyz says:

      Thank you for this. Havering is administratively in London but psychologically is in Essex. There was (is?) a lot of resentment about the connexion with East London and fear about being subsumed. The recent Tory Administration deal linking Havering with Newham is a classic example. Having very many old people adds to this knee jerk conservatism. (They do however love the all-London Freedom Pass.) Therefore I’d deny that Havering is like other London boroughs.

      • Geography Police says:

        In a recent survey conducted by the Romford Recorder, over 50% of Havering residents considered the area to be London, not Essex.
        I agree it is often the older generation that hang-on to the very out-dated Essex tag (over half a century out of date now) apart from when it comes to the Freedom Pass when they’re all staunch Londoners.
        Every London Borough is different & unique, but they are all LONDON Boroughs, not run, controlled, & certainly not in, any Home County.

  4. Peter Baxendale says:

    Fascinating,Chris-as a lapsed Geordie who came originally to Essex after 4 gap years in Surrey-a political learning curve.

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