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Football as a metaphor for everything

‘And probably mixed feelings for Tony Blair there,’ said the commentator. ‘Being reminded, perhaps, that sometimes, winning is the easy bit, it’s the aftermath that is the real challenge.’ ‘Very much so, Barry. And that’s as true in football as … Continue reading


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Why football is better than discus throwing

“….you spin around with a special disc trying not to fall over. You chuck it as far as you can. The winner is whoever chucked it furthest. ‘And then what?’ ‘No, that really is it.’” O’Farrell, John. There’s Only Two … Continue reading

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Games Lessons in the 1950s at Sir Philip Magnus school, London

I have never liked sporting events, especially team games. Every Wednesday afternoon my class, of around 28 pupils from Sir Philip Magnus school in North London had to muster outside the school gates for the obligatory torture session. All or … Continue reading

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Paolo Maldini: a great Italian defender

In football, successful defenders can be a nightmare for [gambling] statisticians. During his playing years for Milan and Italy, Paolo Maldini averaged one tackle every other game. It wasn’t because he was a lazy player; it was because he didn’t … Continue reading

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Two Yeshiva Jews celebrate a goal

“it was only when he heard one mutter to the other, ‘I don’t like it Myer- they’ve scored too soon’ and the other reply, ‘I know, I know’; that he understood the significance of their sitting hunched and quiet amid … Continue reading

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Football Hooligan

He is clever enough to know that He’s semi-literate and sounds like a fool And He’s sensitive enough know that He’s tolerated because he’s a laugh But He’s too lazy to do anything about it. He’s clever enough to know … Continue reading

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English Football Triumphs

“Aguiero and Mata restore English pride” (Guardian Sport, October 1). Must have been the inspirational half-time St Crispin’s Day speech by Peligrini and van Gaal.* *None of those named are English Letter by Mike Hine Guardian 2nd October 2015 (Chris)

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Johan Cruyff* on Religion

“In Spain all twenty-two players make the sign of the cross before they enter the pitch- if it worked all matches would end in a draw.” *The inventor of modern football.   (Chris)

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