An Uncompromising Librarian

Jim: “Where do I find Tony Blair’s* autobiography?

Librarian (without looking up): “Fiction.”

*UK Prime Minister 1997- 2007


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6 Responses to An Uncompromising Librarian

  1. Wilfrid Mills says:

    Thank you for your reply. Harold Wilson was like the Curates egg , good in parts but in the main he was just as good or as bad as most P Ms. Clement Atlee changed this country for the good of everyone especially for the vast majority of families like mine who suffered greatly during World War 1. Which was then quickly followed by the 1920s and the 1930s depression and brought further hardship to many more millions.
    I would be very interested on your opinion of Harold Wilson.
    Good health and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

  2. odeboyz says:

    I think that a short reply is impossible. So! I’ll try to organise another post in the New Year, which is is actually about the merits of Wilson (& maybe also Atlee). Thank you for your interest.

  3. Wilfrid Mills says:

    Harold Wilson was an also ran compaired to Clement Atlee. Almost all Historians agree that Clem and his ministers were the best and most brilliant team that this country have ever had. Their record in Government proves it. N H S , Social Housing,(council houses) The Welfare State, Saving our decreped railway system (sold off by the Tories) when it was regarded as one of the finest systems world wide and available to everyone. Created almost full employment while
    rebuilding our industry from war time production to peace time production. We must not forget that our Country was flat broke at the time after six years of war and we were screwed into the ground by a United States loan. They also ran the 1948 olympics and greatly contributed to keeping the Soviets from occupying all of Berlin .(The Berlin Airlift on which I served) Plus many many other benefits to families like mine.
    I had the pleasure and privilage of working locally for Clem Atlee in three General Elections.
    I doubt that we shall see the likes of Clem again.
    RE Tony Blair.
    To quote Shakespear (very badly) The good in men is oft intered with their bones but the evil lives on after them.

  4. Wilfrid Mills says:

    Love him or hate him we certainly could do with another Tony Blair right now.
    With all his faults he sure was a winner and despite some members always knocking him he saved the N H S, greatly improved schools and gave the pensioners a much better deal than they got from the Tories plus a lot more..
    We are once again fighting to save all the above services, thanks to a Cameron led Government
    doing their best to degrade or them.

    • odeboyz says:

      This joke wasn’t actually about Tony Blair it was about the re- writing of history that all people who write their autobiographies do. In many ways I agree with your assessment of Blair. I still think that Wilson was Britain’s greatest PM.

  5. Peter Baxendale says:

    How disrespectful of Blessed Tony.You deserve to be sold of to the private sector,Chris

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