I fancy I’ve seen
Liars, charlatans and worse
But a certain politician
feted as ending the troubles…
Now appears to have appeased some.

Loyalist, republicans swathed in blood
Atrocities, neither bigots won
But a certain politician
Claimed progress in 2007
In secret Stormont talks.

A figure in world placed wars
Said he was a Christian
But that certain politician
Sanctioned secret amnesty words
Scratched in paper promises
Presumably denied to some others,
Were loyalist hardliners provided with such letters?

Seven years now the truth is out
John Downey played his card
Showing there never was any honesty
What a surprise – Peter Haines
Now wants “get out of jail letters”
Given to all sides – but he had seven years
To say those words.

Bloody Sunday – bloody liars!

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