Passions stirred violently in Acacia Avenue
Years of easy unthinking living disappeared in a moment
Careful budgeting, penny pinching, and rising house prices
Meant security, a comfort blanket, unchallenged living
Nice living. Then passions came into their lives.

They didn’t know why they suddenly cared about Syria
They didn’t know why they worried about bombing Syrians
They didn’t know why they thought that their thoughts mattered
And they didn’t know why they disagreed
But they did disagree. Violently. Hatefully. Passionately.

Bombing Syria, bombing terrorists, making Britain safe
It was obvious he said, it must be done, look at Paris
‘We bomb them, they bomb us.’ She said, ‘Think about it!’
And they found passion for the first time:
Passionate passion.


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1 Response to Passion

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Brilliant,thougt provoking. Understated genius of succinct thought

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