What Goes Around

I walked alone through the quietening snow,
Ever deeper now that youthful glow
Of memory and childhood excitement. Life’s leveler,
Stirring deep drifts of anticipation. A panacea

For the grimy times, created by winter’s woe
Of mudded track and stormy sky. Though
Plunging cold, wrapped warmth outweighs
Reality of those halcyon days

Of rounded vista, angles lost
In driven white, the moon- night frost
Illuminates life’s complex ways,
Reflecting then in childhood, plays

With frozen wool on ice stiff fingers
And ears red raw from snow, thrown, lingers
Just inside the collar’s line. An aching chill
Of Melrose toes, joy’s bitter pill.

Soon gone the ice and crystal hoar,
The snowmen stoop, not long before
The muddied sod from grimy times
Reveals itself through trodden lines.

Ice cracks appear, with strength no more
The dirt’s recalled, lakes frozen shore
A sliding slush.
In Westminster the frantic rush

For seats, inside the “the other place”
To view the winner of the race.
The Ice Queen stands, “I’ll put things right”
A chilling plan with fiscal tight

Policies. Greeted then with thunderous cheer
A rousing, drunken cry “hear, hear”.
The nervous cough, an octave high
The “party opposite” solemn, sigh

As the snows of realisation fell. “Come with  us then
On the rising tide”, rewards for all, a decade when
Financial gains will treat us well,
The legacy though, through time, did tell

Of U turns, poll tax, war and strife.
Like thawing snow, in political life,
The muddied sod from grimy times
Revealed herself through trodden lines

And walked through quietening snow.


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