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A Woody Allen Quip

Interviewer: What do you think people will say about you in a hundred years? Woody Allen: He looks very good for his age.

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Special Dreams

In sleep it seems, I feel my dreams Senses alert, as if awake But more, so much more Tactile touch, memories restored. Old friends I once knew Still true, in every detail We interact, as if – I never did … Continue reading

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Immortal: Family Life

Horror! Immortal in a mortal world Immune to ageing and living with Wives and children, decaying, growing old And their father and husband? Ah! And our grand- children grow old Grow old too fast for me. They are repulsed. My … Continue reading

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The Memorial Bench

With standing pride quartered, My limbs rest in shade, no longer As nature intended yet roots are grounded, safe, intact. Reborn With horizontal definition, A heart in conflict with a crown, Imperfections become an art, bolts replace Knots and bark … Continue reading


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Buying Immortality

Immortal. Money is immortal Cacading wealth, a tsunami of money. In its wake, I am jetsum. – My achievements! My achievements!- Nothing. Dust to dust. Money lives, I die. My immortality will take great cunning. There are innumerable memorials, Innumerble … Continue reading

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