Special Dreams

In sleep it seems, I feel my dreams
Senses alert, as if awake
But more, so much more
Tactile touch, memories restored.

Old friends I once knew
Still true, in every detail
We interact, as if –
I never did stand at their grave.

Completely believable situations
Present, as facts align
I am there, in both body and soul
But, am I in their world or, they in mine?

I think I’m in control
At times, perhaps not
No planning, and no guile
All the while, events unroll.

Sometimes I feel a roller-coaster
Lifts, then dips my emotions
People drift in and out
Life in humanities tidal oceans.

Often, while sound asleep
I wake, involuntary
A noise, an accidental shake
Back in reality, my senses overtake.

Briefly, I want to return
But unsure as to why
Was our laughter or,
our handshake, our last goodbye.

I lay awake, often wondering
Dreams worth, remembering
Those occasional, sometimes poignant
special dreams.


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