Immortal: Family Life

Horror! Immortal in a mortal world
Immune to ageing and living with
Wives and children, decaying, growing old
And their father and husband? Ah!
And our grand- children grow old
Grow old too fast for me.
They are repulsed. My immortality mocks them
Their mortality mocks me.

I am alone. All my families reject me.
I begin each new family with hope,
Boyish naivety doesn’t hide my incubus
Nor that our children will soon realise that they
Are mortal and will die in the fullness of time
Just like their children, my grand- children,
But I wont

I hope they can still love me
Because I need their love. And will remember
Their love as the endless years parade onwards
An endless past; and endless present.


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1 Response to Immortal: Family Life

  1. Peter Baxendale says:

    Very moving and thoughtful,Chris

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