Buying Immortality

CarnegieImmortal. Money is immortal
Cacading wealth, a tsunami of money.
In its wake, I am jetsum.
– My achievements! My achievements!-
Nothing. Dust to dust.
Money lives, I die.

My immortality will take great cunning.
There are innumerable memorials,
Innumerble acts of banal evil,
Innumerable sanctimonious saints.
Immortality is a trick. Dust to dust.
Immortality has to be mine.

Buy society. Buy memories
Buy indispensibility. Buy language.
My name etched indelibly on the world,
On buildings, parks, universities, libraries.
Buy the environment. Name it after me.
Dust to dust! Not me.

Immortality bought and paid for.
I am Andrew Carnegie. Robber Baron.

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