Memories Are Made Of This

Dead skin dances in the sunshine.
Immobile, thinking of winter, the paraplegic
Remembers cold wet snow. Pressing
Snow into balls. Throwing. Ducking. Diving.
Building snowmen. Cold hands, chilblains
“Great days,” he thought. Sweat drips
“Nurse!” he thought. “My neck is wet.”

His friend visits. No chair is necessary.
Visitors stand when visiting. The paraplegic
Remembers running, swimming and
Being jolly. Sweating from exertion!
Friends stand where they can be seen
His head is firmly held and braced
Keeping death far away.

His jaw is wired shut. He can’t smile.
His brain smiles instead. Joy spreads to his eyes,
Remembering meals eaten, wine drunk,
Stupid things said, laughingly forgiven.
Exhausted he remembers relaxing
Remembers easing back onto plumped up pillows.
Eyes closed he sleeps happily.


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