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Book Reviews: Jason Matthews~ Red Sparrow and Palace of Treason

Fortunately I saw the film first. I rated the film as excellent but the book is far better. Matthews must have been paid an awful lot of money for film rights as there are significant U turns in both the … Continue reading

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Film Review ~ Red Sparrow (Jennifer Lawrence)

Red Sparrow is a tour de force for Jennifer Lawrence. Red Sparrow is set in a Russia which hasn’t acknowledged that the Cold War has ended. All the familiar tropes are hard at work. There are assassins (Yes- pre-Salisbury), and … Continue reading

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Book Review: John le Carre ~ A Legacy of Spies

With unhappy memories of dinosaur rock bands trading on their illustrious past, I wondered if this was a literary version. ‘Is it possible that Smiley et al can be successfully mined?’ was a nagging thought before I opened the book. … Continue reading

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