When injustice is self imposed

Who would have believed the Tories winning the election by a thumping majority after all that they did over the last ten years? Yes, I acknowledge that Corbyn didn’t turn out to be the Leader I expected when he took the reins of the Labour Party, but I speculated that he was still a better bet than the lying misogynistic buffoon who openly brags how he doesn’t know how many children he has started. Austerity, with its crippling effects on working class people is still being felt. Poverty is bad in London. I fear the Universal Credit in unison with the bedroom tax, messing about with the retirement age of women will worsen poverty quite a bit. The DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) work capacity assessment carried out by people who need to fail the disabled, no matter how obviously and severely effected, are people who have to enforce revenue targets and don’t care about  making things harsh and cruel.

Whole swaths of the North turning from Labour to the Tories. This is incredible. Rather than voting for more austerity I am sure a more credible option would have been to vote Green or Lib-Dems. The nuclear option of spoiling the vote would have been better. I am no expert, on economics but the withdrawal of car giants and other companies tied up with selling or importing from the EU, must result in more unemployment. Therefore poverty is likely to be exacerbated, and more children and families will spiral into debt and homelessness.

Well what’s done is done and the country will now suffer from their own actions and suffer they will. At least five more years of cruel punishment, handed out by insensitive plutocrats who only think of themselves and the riches they might acquire. I realise I must be coming across as a sore loser, but David Cameron has so much guilt at the base of all this.

The very worst of it all, is two young poor family mothers that I know personally. They couldn’t be bothered to vote because it was too cold! Young mothers saying “My vote won’t make any difference”. Even a quick history about good courageous women who suffered torture and worse simply to win them the right to vote didn’t matter to them. How those heroines must be turning in their graves, at such ignorant complacency. I know they will be the very first people to bewail injustices and hardships, when things are already so hard for them to manage to feed and clothe their own kids. They will be the very first to bitterly moan.

Needless to say they will not be getting much sympathy from me when their benefits are further cut back.


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