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Pizza as a metaphor for marriage

A wise man took his son to one side just before he got married and said, “When you understand why a pizza is made round; is put in a square box; and is eaten in triangles. Then son, you’ll understand … Continue reading

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Hedonism and starting a family

Starting a family is a hedonists greatest challenge. Giving birth, sleepless nights, nappies, teething, choosing a school, school plays, sports days, another school, their friends, homework, GCSEs, ‘A’ levels, choosing a university, student debt, significant friends, split-ups, getting a job….. … Continue reading

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The social sophistication of a wolf pack

The first three are the old or sick; they set the pace for the entire pack. If they weren’t at the front they’d be left behind and would lose contact with the pack. If the pack is ambushed they’d be … Continue reading

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Why the west is stagnant

Thomas Piketty, the French economist, calculates that more than half of total wealth in Germany* today is inherited — an estimate confirmed by German economists. In the 1960s and 1970s, the share was just a little over 20 per cent. … Continue reading

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A Great Night Out

Getting on for thirty years ago, one of my plumbers Roger told me that he and a group of his friends had nurtured a dream for some years. They’d formed their own “Entertainment Group” playing and singing in pubs and … Continue reading

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Don’t trust a parrot who prays

A religious woman bought a parrot and took it home. Once home the bird hopped into its new cage, shouting, “I’m a whore! I’m a whore!” Obviously embarrassed she consulted her minister about her foul-mouthed bird. The minister told her, … Continue reading

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Hedonism and marriage

Hedonists devote their lives to pleasure so their choices are predetermined. If it isn’t pleasurable: avoid. Choices can be imprecise. Are known bachelor pleasures better than future pleasures in marriage? Marriage is a gamble. Many marriages end unhappily and divorcees … Continue reading

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Time might be changing

Some can remember their Father’s Father and their Mother’s Father A few know of older generations from stories and photographs So although we all had relatives, back to the beginning of time The longer back we look, the further is … Continue reading

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