Book Review: John le Carre ~ Agent Running in the Field (2019)

Do octogenarians write as well as they did in their pomp? On the evidence of this book they don’t they write differently. This novel is almost a satire. La Carre rails against western ‘values’, which he traduces as a mass delusion.

Do you or do you not regard Trump, which I do, as a threat and incitement to the entire civilised world, plus he is presiding over the systematic no-holds-barred Nazification of the United States.” [my book was Kindle without page numbers: sorry]

Naturally he is strident against Brexit –

Brexit is self-immolation. The British public is being marched over a cliff by a bunch of rich elitist carpetbaggers posing as men of the people.

But it isn’t a polemic. It’s subtle and full of twists and turns. You’ll love it but it isn’t a traditional le Carre novel.


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2 Responses to Book Review: John le Carre ~ Agent Running in the Field (2019)

  1. Wonderful Review. Keep it up.

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