Strike the fear, so I may no longer see
The apparition stalking me
It has no substance, nor sinew strong
In this light place, it does not belong.

Be gone foul phantom creature
Be gone whence the nothing
Spawned you in dread
Naught, you say, for you are dead.

Follow me not, silent stealth
I would weigh your menace
Only in dark, do you abide
There in blackness, there you hide.

Only existing, without a care
Ambivalent toward, we who share
Laughter, love of life and health
Why do you wait in shadowed stealth.

Perhaps you know, secrets kept from us
The secrets, measureless to man
We can’t run from you
When still, there you stand.

Patient, solemn, are you lost in thought
You have no morals, for they are nought
Would you scream or cry
That day when, your living host must die.

I’ll bet you’ve never loved
Another shadow of your kind
Never stroked a profile or, been entwined
Nor on your hand be gloved.

As I might, one day be blessed
To turn mine eyes to that brilliant light
Where will you go, at who’s bequest
Or simply slink off into night.


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