Not the sharpest pin in the packet

The Tory’s having ditched May
Are still fighting a no win war
Among themselves, for now
But if Boris does, become P.M.

The Buffoon, is dangerous
It will be the working class
In England and Ireland, will suffer
The Scots and Welsh, will seek independence.

And who could blame them?
With no political answer
The Irish boarder problems will grow
Into such a firmament of unrest.

Can we expect direct rule again
Both Irish clans again at each other
Perhaps an all out civil war
Death and carnage, back on the streets.

A general election, could help
Brexit fallout would influence
Perhaps an unexpected outcome
Manifestos, worded very carefully.

No more false promises
From rich fools, who don’t give a damn
Pandering to homophobic prejudice
The British Isles, are cosmopolitan.

And, have been for hundreds of years
All the better, in adding to our nation
The rich heritage, each has brought with them
Adding diversity to development.

Yes, the buffoon might be a unionist
He might profess that in public
Will history judge him different though
As not the sharpest pin in the packet.


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