Tedious Rubbish

I don’t care to watch weddings
More especially, Royal weddings
I couldn’t care less, about her dress
Who made or what’s on her head.

Gushing commentators, fawning
Pageantry, of the rich, leaves me sick
Dreary precious precocious drivel
Inflicted on innocent socialists.

Given the amount of media coverage
Pages and pages of inane details
Importance, distorted into sophistry
Triviality laboured  out of nonsense.

Is it right that one marriage should deem
The world to cease, or stop to watch
‘Blue rinse ladies’ in hats
Well, that’s not for me!

A rich bloke gets married, so what
To a commoner no less
Tut tut – who cares
I’d sooner stick pins in my eyes.

Tell the proletariat – their just jealous
They have access to the public purse
After all – is there not the workhouse
They could dress in their very best sacking.

As the Royal carriage passes
Might a few farthings be tossed
To the bumpkins idolising the procession
Perhaps not, – they might not understand.

Upper class is designed to rule
Middle class carries it out
Whilst those at the bottom
Carry the toilet rolls.


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