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Book Review: William Ryan ~ The Holy Thief (2010)

The death of Phillip Kerr left a hole in my reading of historical novels. His principal character, Bernie Gunther,1 a Berlin policeman becomes embedded in the Nazi regime whilst maintaining his integrity (sort of). Ryan’s Moscow Noir novels are set … Continue reading


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A Soviet Farmer greets Joseph Stalin

“Comrade Stalin, we have so many potatoes that, piled one on top of the other, they would reach all the way to God.” “But God does not exist.” “Exactly! Neither do the potatoes.”

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Winston Churchill cedes British Sovereignty to the USA

Churchill ceded British sovereignty on 24th December, 1943 to the USA. Command of Britain’s armed forces became the responsibility of Dwight D. Eisenhower: after this date British generals reported to him. Churchill made his unique decision because Britain was incapable … Continue reading

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Why Stalin thought El Alamein was a Sideshow

“Churchill sent a telegram to Stalin on 7th July [1941] promising every possible help…”* Churchill wrote the script of British understanding of the Second World War. One result of this is that the Soviet Union’s gigantic battles are virtually unknown. … Continue reading

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Every Immigrant is Undesirable: British policy 1905-2018

British immigration policy isn’t driven by humanitarian principles. Anti-immigrant legislation began in 1905 with the Aliens Act. Mass immigration from Eastern Europe was halted in 1905 because most were destitute and wealth was the sole criterion used for desirability. Nazi … Continue reading

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Stalin’s Catch 22: the starvation of the Ukraine 1932-3

“Stalin never wrote down, or never preserved, any document ordering famine. But in practice [he] forced Ukrainian peasants to make a fatal choice. They could give up their grain reserves and die of starvation, or they could keep some grain … Continue reading

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Could an objective observer have identified Nazi Germany as the ‘worst of the worst’ in the 1930s?

The horrors of the Holocaust were a pivotal turning point in international relations. Interventionists believe the Holocaust was preventable. They further believe that diplomats prevented intervention because nation-states were deemed to be sovereign in their domestic policies. Implicit in interventionist … Continue reading

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