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Why are class-A drugs illegal?

The British government prohibits class-A drugs1. The reasoning appears to be that such drugs can cause premature death. The government claims responsibility for protecting citizens from known causes of harm. They exercise their responsibility by inform the public via advertising … Continue reading

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Conservative economics and delusions

For the last 30 years, the right has gotten most of what it wanted – lower taxes, weaker unions and less regulation. And yet macroeconomic performance – as measured by GDP growth per head – hasn’t improved. Their response to … Continue reading

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Book Review : Paul Murray ~ The Mark and the Void

Paul Murray has written a beautiful satire on the 2008 financial crash. He sets his book in Dublin, which was a ‘Celtic Tiger’ economy, which seemed to reinvent banking and economics. Another example of millenial insanity was Iceland, which has … Continue reading

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A Dear Old Friend: an obituary

June Kight lived on the same  estate as us in East London for more than thirty years. I  knew June via my wife, Jan, who organised and ran the Tenants Association called PASTA – the Parkhill and Sunrise Tenants Association. … Continue reading

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A novice taxi driver

A passenger in a taxi heading for Heathrow airport gently tapped the driver on the shoulder to get his attention. The driver screamed, lost control of the cab, nearly hit a bus and stopped inches away from a large plate … Continue reading

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Film Review ~ I, Tonya (Margot Robbie and Allison Janney)

Allison Janney (LaVonna Fay Golden) rightly won the 2018 best supporting actor Oscar for a stunning performance throughout I, Tonya. She’s the horror show mother of Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) who’s been cultivated since early childhood to be a champion … Continue reading

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A telephone family


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