Soulless But Sentient

In the deepest distant restless oceans
Life was cherished, before Adam’s line came
Orcas, whales, dolphins, all swam deep
At ease with their world of salt sea.
Their language – rumbles, clicks whistles
Sang the never ending songs.

Some young were taken by shark
Giant squid, or other fathomless rogues
But then, mankind encroached, with boat
Explosive harpoons, monstrous death
Wreaked havoc without warning
Those badly wounded sank to the eels.

Earthquakes volcanic eruptions
Violent, seismic strong tides
Came unannounced from the black deep
Some of the strongest whirling waters
Took others by surprise to the deep
Where crushing pressures killed.

Epoch – eons, the years of cruel man
Indiscriminately, murdered, slew
Pained, the long song warned of death
No longer safe to breathe the air.
Dive deep, keep safe,
The young need to breath often!

The ‘Faerie’ folk of legend
Tell of ‘Merfolk’ and their kin
Quick witted and openly honest
Each fell to the lowness of man
None now swim, with water beings
The old magic, crushed out of existence.

Religious, bigotry and fear, shrived –
Bell, book and candle exorcism’s
Where under sea creatures
Withdrew, before the ignorant God-man
Intent on their banishment
To a never world that not previously existed.

Purgatory, ordained through ignorance
Surf ravaged shores, beneath cliffs
Tell little of the time, now
Long ago, when a gentle, frolicsome
Race splashed in innocence
Albeit, soulless but sentient.



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