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Microchipping humans in Russia

“I taught myself biohacking,” 28 year old Vladislav Zaitsev told reporters in Moscow, “because I like the idea of expanding the capabilities of the human body. I estimate that about a thousand Russians are already microchipped, mostly with work passes … Continue reading


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A Spanish Wage-Slave

“Carlos Recio was appointed Head of Archives in March 2006,” a Council spokesperson told reporters in Valencia, “to work as the chief bibliographer. However, a recent investigation confirms that he has never shown up for work since that date, never … Continue reading

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The Perfect Student……

……For Parents (Private Eye October 2016) ……For Professors (The professor) much preferred the students who showed up, asked if they would be graded on attendance and then sat like drugged houseplants for the remainder of the semester. Douglas Coupland The … Continue reading

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