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Bertrand Russell in Brixton prison, 1918

For the first two months of his sentence, life at Brixton prison suited Russell perfectly. Freed from the demands of both political campaigning and romantic attachments,* he was able to live precisely the kind of cloistered, contemplative life he craved. … Continue reading


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American capitalism at its amoral best

You can buy prison-cell upgrades in California for $82 a night and purchase the right to immigrate to the United States for $500,000. Susskind, Richard; Susskind, Daniel. The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human … Continue reading

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You Might Think I’m Nuts!

To relax, I close myself away Sometimes try to write or get creative Always in the company of music Not the frippery of teenage stuff Serious music, with body and thought Created with tender care and passion, Albenoni, Brahms, Chopin, … Continue reading

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Meritocracy Meets Networking in the White House

Andrew Sullivan (2009): ‘I remember back in the late 1990s, when Ira Katznelson, an eminent political scientist at Columbia… …came to deliver a guest lecture. Prof. Katznelson described a lunch he had with Irving Kristol during the first Bush administration. … Continue reading

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David Cameron: Shirkers and Strivers

George Osborne divides Britain into ‘shirkers’ and ‘strivers’ hoping to prove that the poor are poor because they are lazy. Could the same concept be applied to him and others in the Cabinet? Building on Michael Gove’s analysis for academic … Continue reading

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