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A Bizarre, Wonderful Democracy: the London Borough of Havering, 2018

The May, 2018 election was keenly fought in the London Borough of Havering. Havering is a thriving democracy with nine parties elected to the council chamber. There were 2011 candidates for 54 elected positions. The people of Havering favour the … Continue reading

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Tales of perfidy

Once upon a time, many, many years ago I was a builder working in east London. Most of the people I worked for were housing association tenants, they were usually skint. I arrived to start a biggish job in Leyton … Continue reading

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The Junk Drawer

I don’t know about you but when I’m not sure where to keep some small objects, they tend to end up in my junk drawer. Over time, (and I do mean years) that drawer refuses to shut tight, as normally … Continue reading

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Racked by Indecision

Along with the rest of our gang, Dave Rosewarne and I had idled away most of our Saturday afternoon in Hilldene* Café opposite the pet shop. I had smoked a joint or two out the back but Dave, the most … Continue reading

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When Essex Met The Sahara

Essex man slept, dreaming of soaring house prices And high in the North African sky Swirling vortexes of super- charged winds were Plunging onto the Saharan desert Where Bedouin warriors slept dreaming of Wild ambushes on Arab slavers. Saharan sand … Continue reading


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