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A Bizarre, Wonderful Democracy: the London Borough of Havering, 2018

The May, 2018 election was keenly fought in the London Borough of Havering. Havering is a thriving democracy with nine parties elected to the council chamber. There were 2011 candidates for 54 elected positions. The people of Havering favour the … Continue reading

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Tales of perfidy

Once upon a time, many, many years ago I was a builder working in east London. Most of the people I worked for were housing association tenants, they were usually skint. I arrived to start a biggish job in Leyton … Continue reading

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The Junk Drawer

I don’t know about you but when I’m not sure where to keep some small objects, they tend to end up in my junk drawer. Over time, (and I do mean years) that drawer refuses to shut tight, as normally … Continue reading

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Racked by Indecision

Along with the rest of our gang, Dave Rosewarne and I had idled away most of our Saturday afternoon in Hilldene* Café opposite the pet shop. I had smoked a joint or two out the back but Dave, the most … Continue reading

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Buckingham Palace, Romford*

Obviously Buckingham Palace isn’t in Romford but let us suppose that, magically, it is transposed into suburban London. Apart from placing Romford on the internationl tourist route and bringing unheralded wealth to Romford market, what else would happen? Would there … Continue reading

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When Essex Met The Sahara

Essex man slept, dreaming of soaring house prices And high in the North African sky Swirling vortexes of super- charged winds were Plunging onto the Saharan desert Where Bedouin warriors slept dreaming of Wild ambushes on Arab slavers. Saharan sand … Continue reading

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