You Might Think I’m Nuts!

To relax, I close myself away
Sometimes try to write or get creative
Always in the company of music
Not the frippery of teenage stuff
Serious music, with body and thought
Created with tender care and passion,

Albenoni, Brahms, Chopin, Delius,
Masters of the notes
Each still giving pleasure
Long after their passing on
Heaven must be a wondrous place
That I hope, one day to share.

Operettas by Franz Lehar
Elegance and charm
Melodies, that could raise a sob
Make your heart rate flare and feet tap,
Who could not like Richard Tauber
Who has not listened to the “Merry Widow?”

The master though, in my opinion,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Gifted or mad, had a matchless gift
Beauty of expression
Such sublime joy, we inherited
An unequalled  prodigy, without exception.

I do like Offenbach, Prokofiev, and Rachmaninov
Even some of their music can be melancholy
Dark and moody, still worth
A quiet time to sit and listen to
Beyond, fatuous rubbish
Now served up as modern music.

Only recently, I had the radio playing
Softly on Classic FM in the background
When Peter Tchaikovsky Concerto No.1
Was played, I thought, how beautiful
Can music be transported down the ages?
How blessed am I, to hear such lovely melody’s.


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