A Spanish Wage-Slave

“Carlos Recio was appointed Head of Archives in March 2006,” a Council spokesperson told reporters in Valencia, “to work as the chief bibliographer. However, a recent investigation confirms that he has never shown up for work since that date, never sat at a desk or used a computer. Indeed his office contains neither of those items. It seems that he clocks in at 7:30 each morning, then returns in the evening to clock out. His co-workers claim to have never seen him in the building, except once, when he turned up to negotiate paid leave.”

Recio, however was unrepentant about his conduct, “I have done nothing improper. My responsibilities fall outside the limits of normal working hours. For example, over the past decade I have written several public addresses for officials, from texts that they have given me.” Asked by reporters for proof of this claim, he replied “There isn’t any, because my name does not figure on any of those speeches. But that’s because I’m a ghostwriter.”

Private Eye 24th February 2017


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