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Film Review: Performance (James Fox and Mick Jagger) (1970)

An archive film from 1970 might not seem interesting, especially as it’s a pathetic attempt to cash in on Jagger’s fame and notoriety. Jagger was presumably intended to emulate the cute Beatles. Performance absolutely isn’t Help! What the producers got … Continue reading

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Another time and in another place

Growing up muscles became stronger Imagination, lent alternative scenarios To turn into, adventures of learning The mind did not develop as fast as strength. Encouraged to try Drawing, painting, model building, Even sculpture with clay Led to sometimes clumsy attempts … Continue reading

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Metropolis: A Wordless Poem

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War: Part Three

Anonymous murder: Bombers do what bombers do Casually destroying, casually killing Upturned puzzled faces in roofless trenches Soldiers blown to smithereens from above. Anonymous slaughter: Engineers do what engineers do Bombs scattering down, innnocents’ disintegrate, Cities cratered, re- shaped, revealed. … Continue reading

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