The envelope

Such an innocuous cloak
Bearing news eagerly awaited
Or, a sachet of lifelong pain.

A wrapping guarded
by a softly licked tongue
your message – ensconced.

Do I dare?
Surely my heart
wants to know without reading
what my trembling fingers fear.

I know the fine hand
The precise loops
My name, inked
Linked to this address,

My love – Dungeon’s
With a thousand pains
May not hold my mind.

In this ecstasy of terror
Will your words sing me…?
Beyond the stars
Or rake my soul to eternity?

Tomorrow, or let a hundred years,
Take your message hence
But not let this paper lance
Reave me in-consolable.

No more, enough!
Tears have stained this silent packet
Let us part
I will never know your heart.


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2 Responses to The envelope

  1. Pete Baxendale says:

    Clearly I don’t spend enough time on IT as I am so philistine compared to you,Mike-a man of words and deep feelings

  2. Sandra orton says:

    You should have met me!!

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