An honest decent man.

An aristocrat
Found the working class
To say what he believed
And believed in what he said.

Prolific in energy
Core Socialism flew the flag
Rallies where thousands
Heard the word.

Hyde Park demo’s
Marched shoulder to shoulder
Decades at the front
Resolute in comradeship.

T.V. panellist
An artist with words
Able to debag
pompous  plutocrats.

The Pepys of his era
Saw world affairs
In oppressed clarity,
Shamed the corrupt righteous.

The simple truth
Of an honest decent man
Will tread this path
No more.

His now silence
Leaves a legacy
Those on the left
Will never forget.

Thatcherism stoked by Blair
Tried their best
To break socialists
Neither won his battle.

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