To me Dardie.

Dad, I know you like meaningful words

Well, here’s a whole bunch of  them.

Expressing emotions, anger, and sadness.

I cant think what to say,

Now you’ve floated so far away.

But I know your looking down upon me

Hoping I’ll be the best that I can be.

Still, I cant think what to say

Except, thank you,

For my young  remembering days.

It was Nan and the pub on Saturdays

And our swimming on Sundays,

I hope they meant a lot to you,

I know for me they certainly do.

I still cant believe that your d…

Maybe quiet n still tucked up in bed.

I really wish you weren’t d….

In spirit, mind and sole. And the ElmPark

I know your not shadowed in the dark.

Up in heaven where angles fly

Do they have spliffs to get them high?

I never told you, I love you to.

My special Dardie,

Just me and you.


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