Millionaire Clones: The death of politics

At the funeral of politics

At the funeral of politics

Britain: a decrepit gerontocracy where
Voting is a niche activity for the deranged elderly, who
Remember politicans who weren’t millionaire clones
But were enthusiastic and ideologically driven
Promoting a golden future

Delusional old voters don’t know
That hope has triumphed over experience
Fantasy urges them on decade after decade,
Ambiguity snared them and judgement died
A golden future! That’s the dream.

Things can only get better’ warbled Blair
Deluding both young and old.
Hopes for change, crushed by focus groups,
Would have to wait for more courageous men
Moral men: men confident in their rectitude.

I’m old but I’m not cynical,
I know how the world works
The golden future will arrive.
Even if it’s my grand- child that
Reaps the fruits of political revolution.


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