Psycho Sid

Psycho Sid is seen around,
Stunt driving his moped.
The Avenue to nowhere

 Not wanted at home
Not welcome elsewhere
Sid existed in a loveless world

 On a stolen moped
Screeching like a hornet
Annoying all around.

 The boy swears and spits,
Draped in his hoody coat.
His frightened eyes hide

Under his baseball cap.
He knows all but nothing
In his tiny strutting world

Takes from those that have…
Pick on the old or young.
Threats enough

On the tube or bus
The knife an extra bonus
Emptied wallets fast.

 The dark supplier
Geezz he’s the man!
Bang, slag or hot spoon comfort

The buzz was all.
In the rat infested squat
Sid’s needle told his future

Trembling thumb loaded his vein
As his rotten teeth pull away the tourniquet.
No one came to the burial

Of psycho Sid…

Except the undertakers
Who all silently thought,
Good riddance!


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