Twin Towers

Here I now lie with freedom’s wings

To dream no more of selfish things

No care of life’s short loves or sorrows

No more tomorrow’s fears or tears

To burden now, these different years…

Planned in the great – great scheme of things.


Death levered me gently on my way

Intently sent me onward here to stay

To rest a while safe from fear

How many years – it is not clear

So here I lie with freedom’s wings

To sense and learn life’s buried things.




Hell, who knows what’s happened

Am I OK – should I stay – never been one to pray

People screaming, panic running

I’m coming too – what shall I do?

Alarm bells pinging – cell phones ringing

Stairs, smoke, sea of bodies terrified trampling …

I’m going back to hide under my desk


Air is being sucked from this place

My white hair reflects each face

Hell, I can no longer stay here

Each tear streams down my sooted face.

Office spaces are burning now

Stench of roasting plastic wire

Skin blistering fire –  I don’t want to die

Through  busted windows we hang like bats

And moderato – drop to earth like screaming rats.


Only seconds I tried to claw

As safety ledges past me soared

Screaming so loud into wasted space

Death ripped me – from my frame

I have no pain – except the rage

No deity good assuage…

Whilst smouldering now in my angry…
peaceful grave.



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