History was reversed at the Millennium
Without blood, without a whimper
No- one noticed. A silent revolution that
Swept like a few grams of ricin
Through an over- crowded prison.
But these revolutionaries wanted fearful people
Not heaps of corpses.

Carefully measured non- lethal doses
Lulling: Making quiet: Deleting memory
Intimate drone- like surveillance, nurturing
Indoctrinated fearfulness.
The revolution came and
The people forgot their identity,
A thousand years of history was undone.

The conquest came, and the conquered clapped.
The rich, who had reversed
A thousand years of silent humility,
Now were glorious once more.
Magna Carta avenged!
The desperate bourgeoisie looked at the
Ashes of their failed democracy and wept.


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2 Responses to Revolution

  1. delsmith444 says:

    Il like this Chris, echoes my thoughts (I think)

    • odeboyz says:

      Basically Al Qaeda is less threatening than the IRA of the 70′ and 80’s so why is every one paralysed with fear? Surveillance is pervasive and heightens worries. The democratic deficit is growing to the point that the results are illegitimate.

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