This week (10th April 2018) we’ve seen scenes of children in Syria being hosed down. They were victims of chemical weapons being used against them and their parents. Something must have triggered that barbaric move against the civilians of that country. Of course the whole region has had a civil war for many years now, and it seems, is getting worse.

Is this a conflict anything to do with Britain? That could be argued. Do other countries, of the world have the moral or legal right to take actions? Those action might make worse an already fragile future for Syria’s population to the point where war casualties will escalate even more. Syria is already starving with water shortages as well. How much worse can it be for people to not have functioning hospitals or basic support. Homes have been destroyed, schools shut, effective policing abandoned. War, any war, traditionally has the most traumatic effect on a country’s women and children. Any survivors, with limbs blown off, blinded or otherwise crippled, left to cope as best they can. The very people without a say about the events they are plunged into. Pillage, rape, and atrocities that normally are not tolerated, are ignored as a consequence of war.

To worsen the situation, the West-  America, France and possibly  the UK- are contemplating retaliatory actions. Should that happen, it is not beyond the bounds of reason, that Russia will support the Syrian government. The blame game, with finger pointing, is easy. Israel, already believed to be an American puppet, because of the large number of Jewish-Americans has been blamed for the chemical attack, by Russia. If those nuclear countries do get involved… The worst scenario, will be world obliteration or, at the ‘best’, millions killed, devastation on a world wide scale and property/infrastructure eradicate.

Such is the folly of mankind. This ingrained bloodlust to dominate others, might have served well enough when we were cave dwellers, but in this enlightened century it is pathetic, that our ‘world village’ has not apparently matured enough, to stop us from the stupidity of waging war.

Oh, to be as advanced as a Cockroach, as (so I’m told) they will survive!



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